online course content:

- Hyperkeratosis, calluses, cracks: causes
- Order of steps
- Treating heel cracks with e-file: correct settings, moves and tip position
- Precautions and individual approach to clients with these issues
- When to refer clients to seek medical advice

In this course you will see a full recording of the instructor treating one foot with heel cracks and calluses while commenting on every step;

Each student receives our MOZHZHERI professional ‘Guidebook on disinfection and sterilization in manicure’ as a gift, as well as an international certificate;

Course is suitable for beginner techs and those who already have experience in pedicure;

After completing the course you:

-will confidently work with heel cracks and calluses
-won’t be afraid of harder cases because you will understand every step in detail and will be able to assess each case by yourself
-will be able to give relevant advice to clients to help prevent future issues

- online course available in English, Spanish, Russian
- FREE International certificate
- SPECIAL GIFT: MOZHZHERI School official ‘Disinfection and Sterilization for Nail Technicians and Manicure Salons’ PDF Guidebook

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