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First of its kind! Online e-file French pedicure course packed with most updated and relevant information in Russian manicure technique. Good for nail techs of any level

What’s in our newest course:

- Step by step for safest removal on toenails
- Safe shaping
- Right angle for e-file
- Achieving cleanest sinus
- Using curette
- Delicate cuticle cut with e-file
- Nail plate preparation for long-lasting polish application
- Using tamponade for curling toenail
- Removing dust for good photo and application
- Applying the base coat correctly in pedicure
- French pedicure techniques
- Painting white ‘smile’ without risking chips
- What to paint with: gel polish or paint
- What’s special in applying top coat in French pedicure

- online course available in English, Spanish, Russian
- included International certificate
- SPECIAL GIFT: MOZHZHERI School official ‘Disinfection and Sterilization for Nail Technicians and Manicure Salons’ PDF Guidebook