MOZHZHERI INSTRUCTOR online basic course with online meeting (tools not included)

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$ 3990


WHY BECOME A MOZHZHERI INSTRUCTOR? Because you will have it all with this one bundle! 


What can you expect on our new instructor MOZHZHERI course?

* 4 ready-made manicure teaching programs

* 4 instructor certificates

* 4 days of online training

* 2 updated versions of teaching aids for students

* 30% executive discount


Program of online meeting in zoom with future instructors:

1st Private Online Meeting

🌟 Training program unique aspects 

📋 Key aspects of effective teaching of a manicure course for students

📅 Daily schedule, venue analysis, and main tasks for spending a productive day educating your students 

👁 Demonstration

🧼 Instrument sterilization and disinfection

2nd Private Online Meeting

🧴Material and tool handling techniques by mozhzheri


✍ Breakdown of each stage of manicure in file-only technique

💅 Application of FILM!

3rd Private Online Meeting


✍Breakdown of combined manicure with tweezers technique 

💅Express manicure 

4th Private Online Meeting


💅 Reinforcement with gel and natural nail base

✨Deep cuticle coverage

💧Top coat

📸Secrets of insta perfect nail photos