Evolution of classical manicure

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Detailed professional online tutorials of Russian manicure techniques (in English and Spanish) for nail artists and the best tools.

Video tutorials will be sent to your emails after payment. You will have access to them at any time. You will receive certificates to your emails within 5 days. Each video tutorial lasts more than 1 hour. All techniques are demonstrated at real model hands only (not artificial nails!). This is unique opportunity to study Russian manicure methods staying inside.

New video "classic manicure evolution" (classic manicure without maceration, without machine use)
- getting ready for classic manicure
- Nail shape filing
- Stages and mistakes analysis while cutting the cuticle
- Using of cuticle remover
- How to elaborate the cuticle in a proper way
- Buffer using secrets
- Choosing the perfect tool
- Getting nail surface ready for gel nail base coating
- Applying of base coating and leveling of a nail surface
- Gel nail polishing close to cuticle technique
- Leveling and using top coating