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New Course from MOZHZHERI: Nail Content Making

A course designed for nail techs and studios who want to create captivating content for their Instagram and expand their audience. 

With over a decade of expertise not just in manicure but also in nail content creation, we consistently attract new subscribers and clients through our content!

In this course, we'll showcase our techniques for creating engaging photos and videos for social media, covering best angles and lighting settings for stunning visuals

Learn how to shoot master classes and video lessons like a pro!

Course Program:

 1. Choosing the right phone

 2. Selecting the appropriate lens

 3. Background choices

 4. Perfecting your light selection

 5. Mastering proper light placement

 6. Choosing the right tripod

 7. Learning effective hand placement

 8. Preparing for the shoot

 9. Filming the process

 10. Capturing the final result

Mastering the art of producing high-quality photos and videos is crucial for a successful career as a tech. Quality content not only grabs attention and boosts your income but also establishes and highlights you as a professional in the field 

include a sterilization video course