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What is this course about?

This course is all about mastering the art of camouflage nails. It's something every tech should know, because of how much customers loooooove them

Learn how to create the illusion of natural nails, with a strong tip and a subtle lunula, achieving a delicate regrowth, and how to craft thin yet resilient nails

The course will cover three essential techniques:

1. Reinforcement with a camouflage base or camouflage color for quickly achieving a clear square shape

2. Strengthening short nails with gel to support growth 

3. Strengthening with polygel

It's crucial to know how to choose the right strengthening method for different nail types and how to combine them effectively.

Example 1:

When a first-time client presents short nails with chipping issue: it’s NOT convenient to use polygel for a straight longitudinal arch on short nails, making technique 2 our preferred choice instead. 

If you decide to level with gel, there's a risk of chipping, but the course will teach you a special technique for working with gel effectively. For return clients without chipping issues, technique 1 is the way to go.

Example 2:

For clients with clawing nails, option 3, using polygel, is the most suitable reinforcement method. The lesson will guide you on how to apply the material to minimize the need for excessive filing with this type of nails. 

Subsequent visits will allow you to work with technique 1, eliminating the need for further strengthening and lifting the ends 

in English / in Russian language

*includes international certificate + sterilization and disinfection video course