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New online course "express pedicure gel polish" for $49 , instead of $199

Program of course:

▫safe removal of previous gel coating (rules of using machine and bits);

▫ the most convenient bits review;

▫ proper processing of cuticle and getting the foot ready, polishing;

▫using tampon holder (safe shape filing), important moments;

▫rules of gel nail polishing on toe nails, mistakes analysis;

▫soft feet for 2 weeks after the procedure.

For whom is this online course?


✨For nail techs who want to master pedicure and earn more without attracting new clients

✨For nail techs who want to improve the quality of their work

✨For those who have sinus problems and can't

 clean them out

✨For those who want to work faster

✨For those who want to learn how to take selling photos

 ✨And for those who want to become a🔝 nail tech

online courses in English, Spanish, Russian

*includes international certificate + sterilization and disinfection video course