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Russian Manicure COM

NEW Russian manicure nails extensions

50% OFF sale on our NEW Russian manicure nails extensions with gel courses + international certificates!

3 NEW courses show all of our real Russian manicure techniques – very clean and most safe! 

+ we gonna gift our “Secrets of beautiful photo” course to everyone who purchases the bundle:

1. Nail extensions using forms. French manicure 
2. Nail extensions without forms 
3. Working with damages nails. Nail strengthening with gel

We will introduce easiest ways of working with gel and extension forms, nail modeling and, of course, how to have them come out looking natural! 

And you get 3 international certificates!

All video is shot in close up so all the details are clearly visible. Real models are used for demonstration.

Russian-Manicure.com by Mozhzheri is online shop where you can get one of the best video tutorials and tools for nail techniques.

Thanks for being with us.

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