Olive bit

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Diamond tips are used for correction of artificial nails, cuticle processing, side walls, removal of toughened skin. Wide range of shapes and sizes for bits provide opportunity to get the nails ready for manicure. Our bits are of high-quality and of long-lasting use. 

Olive 018
Flame 023
Flame 021
Flame 018
Premium quality diamond bits are used for skin elaboration and cuticle removal. Flame tips allow to elaborate side and back cavities really safe and effective while doing manicure, to clean away pterygium and to lift the the wall. 
Red notch stands for little abrasive power and is used for thin and sensitive skin. 

Cone 018
Truncated cones are used for side walls and nails processing while doing manicure and pedicure

Cone 050
It is used in machine-type manicure and pedicure for cutting line polishing and side walls processing. 

Cylinder 027
Cylinder tips are used for side walls and cavities processing, while doing manicure and pedicure. One of the widest groups of manicure drill bits. 

Sphere (ball) 031
This particular diameter of a tip allows to provide safe and effective finishing processing of side and back walls while doing manicure. A wide range of manicure and pedicure procedures is provided with wide diameter of the bit - walls, callouses, fissures polishing. 

Sphere 025
Manicure drill bit of medium diameter is recommended for side walls processing, cuticle cutting or polishing and removing of small-size callouses. 

Ceramic bit
Ceramic cone-shape bit for gel nail and gel removal.
Last 4 times longer than hard-alloyed bits. 
Notch: medium
Cutting part is long-lasting. 
Is used for correction or filing of gel and acrylic nails.
Is ideal for manicure, pedicure, gel nail removal from real (natural) nails. 

Green bit
Soft tip, is used for polishing, processing of natural nail plate and skin polishing. 

Sand bit
Sand tips are used in machine pedicure, callouses, rugosities, heel fissure, toughened skin can be processed with the help of such bits.