online course "Filing the square"

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PREMIERE new video course 

-How an INCORRECT choice of nail file can RUIN your chances at getting the most CRISP square shape?

-How to file to perfection even if the gel is UNEVEN?

-How to measure the CONTOUR of the nail to achieve any type of square shape?

-How to avoid filing to damage the nail making it FRAGILE?

-How to FIX your own mistakes and SALVAGE your work with one of the HARDEST to file shapes out there?

Answers to that and many more TIPS on working with the most suitable disposable nail file for square shape IN OUR NEW VIDEO COURSE!

Short and sweet, packed with information, our new video ‘Filing the Square’ is the result of years of experience working with all types of nails, like curling, fragile, etc.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO practice for years to achieve perfection like us, you can just watch the courses and only spend ONE EVENING of your time to GET BETTER